Teenager Bedroom Ideas that Won’t Break Your Budget

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Designing your teenagers bedroom can be a bit tricky. After all, they are somewhere between childhood and adulthood and sometimes they may not even be sure what they want in their room. If they do have an idea of what they want, you may not agree with their taste or the price range of their taste.

However, it is possible to come to an agreement with your teenager on their bedroom by using a few great teenager bedroom ideas. If you are finding yourself stumped with what to do with your teenagers room, then here are a few teenager bedroom ideas that might prove inspirational to you.

Get Funky with Paint

First of all it is important to note that teenagers tend to love color. Probably not the same colors you love either. Usually teenagers like to go for the bright and bold colors, so one of the best teenager bedroom ideas is to let your teenager get funky with some paint.

Give your teen a few choices of vibrant colors that they can choose for their room, and then get painting. No doubt they will enjoy the vivid colors and it will be pretty easy to find accessories that match as well.

Consider a Sports Theme

Many teenagers enjoy playing sports, so another great teenager bedroom idea is to consider a sports theme in the bedroom. Discuss with your teen what sport they enjoy the most and then set about converting their bedroom to go along with that theme.

Some teens enjoy basketball, football, hockey, and even baseball. There are many great bedding choices that will go along with this theme, and some posters of their favorite athletes will be a great addition to the walls.

The Rustic Look

For the teenager who loves the outdoors, another of the many teenager bedroom ideas is to let them use the rustic look in their room. Whether it is a western rustic look, or maybe even a country style, no doubt there are many things that you can do with this type of a décor.

For the teenager that loves all things western, consider things like cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and earth tones for the room.

Get Animalistic with It

Believe it or not, many teens actually like animal prints and jungle themes. If they are animal lovers, why not let them let that love be reflected in their room. There are many great animal prints, jungle themes, or even great themes for dog lovers or cat lovers. You can find everything from bedding, to rugs and window treatments that will great with this theme in your teens’ room.

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