5 Basement Lighting Ideas to Consider

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One of the problems that many basements have is a lack of lighting. Usually they are quite dark to begin with, and since they windows are small, they don’t provide much light to the area either.

If you are finishing your basement, it is going to be very important that you light the area effectively so that it no longer seems like a dark basement and more like a nice room.

There are a variety of basement lighting ideas to consider and here are five that may make a good addition to your basement.

Fluorescent Lights

If you need good illumination and energy efficient lighting, than fluorescent lighting may be just the way to go. They offer enough light to light up an entire room, and they are definitely a great choice for rooms where you plan on doing work. If you are making your basement a storage area, a workroom, or even a playroom, then fluorescent lighting may be a good type of lighting to use.

Directional Lights or Spotlights

Another of the many basement lighting ideas to consider for your basement is directional lights or spot lights. These are special lights that can be made to shine in one specific place. They are great for highlighting art on a wall or you can aim them directly over a place that you are working in the basement.

Directional lights and spotlights also look great, and they are perfect for a craft room or a room that needs light in a specific spot.

Lights for the Closets

Don’t forget the closets when it comes to basement lighting ideas. You want to be able to see everything you need to in the closet, so you may want to install some lights. Just a simple light will work wonders and then you will be able to see what you need to instead of guessing what just touched your hand in a dark closet.

Recessed Lighting

One of the best basement decor ideas, especially for the larger basements, is recessed lighting. This type of lighting is very bright and provides enough light to light up the entire area. You can easily install these lights into the ceiling, and then you should have all the light you need in your basement.

Decorative Lighting

If you want to get a bit more creative with your basement lighting ideas, you may want to consider using decorative lighting in your basement. One excellent idea for decorative lighting is to use strings of Christmas lights to give it a cool touch. Lava lamps also are another hip way to provide light and a decorative touch to your basement.

Other decorative ideas for lighting your basement include onyx lamps and neon lights. If you need lighting that provides atmosphere as well, then decorative lights are the way to go.

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